How To Configure PHP.ini of Your Server/Web site

serverPHP.ini contains the configuration of a server/website. Basically it contains the maximum upload size, maximum post size, register value and others. So it is important for the server and web site. Because all the information is here and your server will follow this information.


Change All Of Your Windows Sound

windows-sound-iconMicrosoft gives some default and nice sounds inside the windows OS. This sound is different based on OS & task. You will enjoy different sound in XP, Windows 7 & windows 8. But if you want to change the sound then you can easily change it in very easiest way.


Customize Your IDM-Internet Download Manager

IDM-logoPersonally I like IDM-Internet Download Manager for download anything from internet. More others download software is available for download. If you are using IDM then I am writing this post for you that is How to customize IDM.



How To Add An Level/Star with E-mail

starSome time you may see you are getting some email which is leveled like star or something like that. And if you want to add this level with your mail then, it is easy to add a star or level.


Send An Email From Multiple Address By One Gmail Account

gmail-logoIf you have more then one gmail account and want to login all of them at once you can add them but you can’t send an email from this address. To do this you need to forward them, and then you can send an email from multiple address but you are logged in one account.


Sign in to Multiple Account at once – By One Gmail Account

gmail-logoIf you have one or more Gmail account and want to sign in all of them at a time, then I want to say: yes you can. And Google give you an option to add and sign in multiple accounts at once. You can sign in all the gmail account which you’ve added with the account which you have logged in.


Joomla E-Mail Settings

I’ve already write some article about joomla and if you are a user of joomla then you must know that joomla is the best CMS and get award for best CMS. In this post I am not going to show you what is joomla , but want to show about Joomla mail setting.


Download Facebook Photo,Album & Videos Easily

Facebook allow their user to upload photo, video & share, tag with their friends. However if you want to see your friends photo, video you can see them but Facebook don’t have an option to download this photo, video easily. Same process for any page you have like.


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